Natural Gas Demand Response

Our fully automated thermal window shades work with over 90% of windows. The patented design dramatically improves the thermal performance of buildings. In cold climates the technology normally achieves paybacks in four to five years. 


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Using Advanced Shade Technology to Reduce Natural Gas Consumption



Existing Windows | Millions of Opportunities for Dramatic, Cost Effective Energy Savings

  • Across the US, DOE estimates that 33% of windows are single pane
  • —44% of the windows in New York City are estimated to be single pane
  • —This percentage is noted to be even higher in many European and Asian cities
  • —With single pane windows Uficient Shades triple efficiency
  • For double pane, with no thermal break (the majority of commercial double pane windows) energy savings double


More Glass | Window to Wall Ratio is Growing

  • —In 1940 22% of the average building exterior was windows. Today this number often exceeds 70%
  • Although the performance of glass has improved, the use of glass has expanded significantly
  • Larger, more efficient windows are still responsible for 18 to 38% of average building energy use


Economics | Window Replacement is not Cost Effective

  • —In union labor markets (most northern, cold weather cities) RS Means costing data projects 33 to 46 year payback for commercial window replacements
  • Uficient thermal shades achieve payback from energy savings in 4 to 5 years